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Harmony Grove Cemetery was founded in late 1839 as a picturesque final resting place for loved ones. Patterned after the English and French "rural cemeteries", its founders were committed to preserving and adding to its original terrain and beauty. Today it is a non-profit 501(c)13 corporation governed by a Board of Trustees, and managed by an administrator and small staff. The trustees and staff continuously strive to maintain and improve the cemetery’s grounds and services to the highest standard, and will continue to do so in perpetuity.

At nearly 100 acres in size, Harmony Grove Cemetery has avenues and paths that meander through its over 21,000 monuments or burial markers, and rare and unusual plantings and tree specimens. Facing the entrance to the cemetery is the Blake Chapel, a beautiful gothic style structure built in 1904 of Cape Ann granite. Also on the grounds are a restored 1890’s era barn, and a gothic revival caretaker cottage built in 1840. The cottage, with the distinct ornate gingerbread trim and large diamond windows typical of the gothic revival era, was extensively restored and modernized in 2014.

Harmony Grove Cemetery is the final residence for a number of notable individuals, many of whom were significant in shaping Salem’s illustrious history. For a walking tour of their monuments, please see “Visiting.”

Cemetery Rules and Regulations
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